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im orchestrated to spit game...with big frames../
peep the trick game/all u gotta do is call my name/
i get dirty on bars like i think with a pigs brain/talk crap and ill darken ur situation like sunshades/
bo ya le mo/i been having the flow since dream age/
and even when i battled in sleep homie i spit rage/
im tipping on B.A.R.S like i gott a brain damage/(cassidy)
i spit wreckles/.....end result i bounce with big change/
i flows doe...u can powder the dough/get so now im best friends with the

we coming back..

Thanks men...

magneto nuthin do us

Magneto my guy...y dis pple dey prolong our
to be honest im quite busy...with so much school work....
that y i ain been on here in a minute....magneto..i dey feel ur flows...especially the 3rd

tell me the forum son....i wana know...

judges do ur job

buck ur word nigga..usa triflin ass whore/
cos even if my mouth was made of 'METAL'/
u cldnt attract my 'FLOW'/
magneto my so ahead of ur flow/
cos even as a SNAIL..the cheetah's fastest is my SLOW/
im good with the techs..i see all types of bones/
ill rip ur body and have ur spirit begging me 4 ur soul/
cos now u gotta go/.(break) i ain fightin to be king of rubminds..its me that sparked the show/
im living large left making much more than ur both hends(hands)
wen im thru with u ..ul be a real EX(dead)
have ur ass beat down like em kats from TEKKEN/
now im finna switch mode murder u its ur end/
im SCRATCHIN nigga's faces off so call me SCAR/
xsi..we know common sense ain common..but should RETARDS be allowed/by the way how old r u/i bet i can call u my dad/y dont u do sumthin more productive/goo sit down and think fast/think cash..but sadly ur minds in the wrong places..instead of tryna work/..u peeping the wrong
faces/ull get ur  self killed tryna fight with a ghost/
son im on my casper trucking(being in two places at the same time) so many coasts/now u made the boss  mad/i will curse ur u cant battle me/u better off making the devil sweat/
i put whores(u) in toast/and i tote till niggas choke/
now im the real magnet fill in with the T-O/
i can make u roast/then i will upgrade ur ass/
i c..ur FUTURE is the PRESENT of ur wack ass PAST/
dont lemme change subjects..buck that now im crude/and i can murder u chopped and screwed/
popped and wussed/bukd and abused/i won and u loose/
peep the drop and i cruise/like TOM now
i just found the definition of LAME..ill reorganize ur FRAME/screw u/ and make a name
il make life miserable 4 u..u PINKY im d BRAin/
dumb ass nigga...i bet u still sleeping on mama's couch/ il steal u from her and sell u back 4 a ZERO pack/cos u ain worth anything/better yet/
ill send u to hell and ul still get rejected/u ain fit 2 b a man/ u better off as a migdet/now watch me FLIP the MODE and BUST a RYHME/ cos i transform ontop these niggas like OPTIMUS PRIME/my weakness is ur prime/.my mouth infected by mosquitoes i spit blood/.stain this magnetic ass niggas il made it rain ill still flood/(break)........ lil homie now u lost i got a mail from hell saying thanks 4 another bastard.....

aight someone still needs to jugde. after the nexxt two drops

u have to and magneto cant keep spittin endlessly without an after two more replies..judge

and i see u biting of other niggas..
 i'll leave u sad faced like somali finance ministers reading they budget/...
nigga come up with ur own sh** ait...

Iyte mehn yu spat yur verse so yu think da battle begun, wrong!
Dat sounded like a verse dat yu go from
Yu went in to deep, put yurself in a dangerzone
Talking more shit dan a baby on the telephone
Now lets be honest was any of that actually directed at me,
or yu was just high and desided to spit a hot 16?
Anewayz regarless ama show yu how to spit retarded
So fam, pay attention lets get dis shyt started..........
I spit crack like the lines on the pavement, Bottom line,
i got your gerl feeling the heat quicker than summmer tyme
Normally Id spit 20 brz then recount
But I murder yu with less yu can call it a discount
Dts how confident I am dat yur flows weak
Cuz yur first verse was full of shit like an ass cheek(uhhhhhhhh)
And I can tell yu out of date like yu was "last week"
U cee d boi going hard call me "con-crete"
Cuz am bananas with the flow call me a "monkey"
Nahh take dat back more like a lion
A "hyenna" with the punchline got the judges laughing
yuse suthin like my dogs, yal hounds keep byting (byting pples rhymes)
And I leave yu gurl like a champagne bottle "cocked & swrewed"
Leave her foaming with a side effect like "booze"(beer)
D boi hungers this rap shit, I mastered
Cuz yu cee am hot-dog!, so MAGNETO (you) be my mustard
And if yal didn't get dat metafor yu need to ketchup (catch up)
Yu have one more chance hommeboi better step up!!!
And bring life back to your rhymes
like yu was working with the "red cross"

yo im legit with d flow.. cos dat flow is what im on/
im like pregnant ladies...except that my word is Born/
so much ice im so me SYLVESTER STALLONE/(ya dig)
ill shuvv a GUN up in ur butt and have u sitting on CHROME/(ya dig)
im classic with the rubber band my paper never low/
i made it much time 2 make it snow/
im that dude u love 2 hate cos i never crumble/
ur ryhmes is like an armless QUARTERBACK always gonna FUMBLE/(american football)
i c u throwin punchlines..well im that interception/
got so many gurls tryna blow my d**** like a NINTENDO CATRIDGE/
I ain gonna spit so much cos i will make this 2 serious/
but i will still make this SITE bleed like RUBMINDS was on a period/
im on my CASPER grind..all around u..but u cant see me/
if u want BEEF i got it 24/7 so call me BURGER KING/\ u understand the m/4's

what did u give him

what stuff...he doesn;t even know my address

14 o..u got next

Ti,e...10:10am..b4 history

Peep this just thought ill spit 4 fun..

I bring the heat like miami/ feel the fire sinister party/
the flame smoked a brother but still he refused to part b/
high without wings but never ever puffed d weed/
situations occured cos life made promises she could never keep/ask 4 me i had this dudes head shaped just like a cone/ just because he made my girls (BED-ROCK) like freddy flinstone (ya dig)/im so real with the flow like johnny bone/ oh i forgot..i spit gravellines so call me pit STONE..(ya dig)/ life hit me with the stick so my head popped wide/in times i was so high/i believed i could almost fly/like wayne Life is short a dwarf told me that/never wanted to die young so i met Mutombo high up in the sky/ im a menace to beef but little kids wanna get it poppin/im finnin hit the switch and trip off the lamp button/im mill walking on them haterz plus i spend big bucks (milwaukee bucks)/they say talk is cheap but hear this my money talks/ ur boi

on the spot y'all..holla

plus its called concious rapping

hey hey hey..whats the beef..u calling me out then say..u want strictly gospel then if u got good eyes ull see that the last verse wasn't up son...u want a battle then ask for it..thetre ain no beef..

we grinding high..still greasy riding fly thrill sleezy/
got this game on lock like a pitbull's grip up on ur sleeves b/
trpping 4 the boi i lace bars btw the clip g/
banging out suckers with lyrical me hiss c/
i been wanted to fly but the songs was always tird/
now im on the high bcos i do it with the words...

who got nxt

MCs and Freestylers / Re: PUNCHLINES
« on: September 16, 2007, 03:52:39 AM »
i re-arrange rib cage, like a 12 gauge,
at close range, 2 change the position of ur frame,

we pop lines and pop game we dont pop bottles/
we cap packs and pack tracks to make they heads bubble/
the kid gotta thing 4 Christ d clean hustle/
the struggle is 4 now but the blessing is for the morrow/
still tippin on the word like green cos the devil subtle/
im grinding on the music but still the boi gotchu/
they scared 2 spit y? cos competition's on the bustle/
ill explode like tanks of propane but i ain trouble/
im slick with d flow but been knocked on the humble/

who got next? holla

MCs and Freestylers / Spitta Heads with hot Contents..holla(Rap nd Hiphop)
« on: September 14, 2007, 12:58:30 AM »
who is the realest/...cop metaphors and lets feel it/
its finna get poppin like..drama without the beef n/
so holl@ a player with flows that burns peeps n/
feel the heist without the hot drops of thrillings../

that was a shitty verse..probably was supposed to be an introduction...drop ur hottest 16...

« on: September 14, 2007, 12:54:15 AM »
i need help y'all..yankee is a soccerly dulling place/....any updates on the premiership..holl@ ur boi

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