Author Topic: sms web interface letter against proposed banner ads  (Read 3055 times)

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I wrote this letter to protest against 's new sms web interface with loads of banner ads holders. Someone there needs some education.

Hi Technical,

Your new web interface looks good. Yes but what's with the advert
placement spaces I'm seeing? Have you guys lost it?

I think you should go to your competitor's sites like and and see if they place advert on their site.

Your site is not a free website. Only free websites place ads. You don't
expect people to pay for your sms credits, buy internet bandwidth
(remember some people have a limit of 1GB per month) and spend all on
your website. Every KB is money to such people.

You have to review that. Please DO NOT PLACE picture ads on your site.
It is never done anywhere on the internet where people pay to access
resources on the site. Only free sites like facebook, yahoo, blogs
e.t.c. do that.

I hope you understand.


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Re: sms web interface letter against proposed banner ads
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