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You will lose your Job one day!
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:22:55 PM »
One day you will lose your job! Either by choice or by force! One day

you will have to go away from that place you have been going and coming

from for however long it has taken you. In life, everything has a start

and an end, there is a day to born and a day to die, a day to begin and

a day to end. Those who live the highest quality of life are those who

live today with an eye on their end. The greatest liberation any human

can ever experience is when his/her fears don't hold him/her back. The

same way that dying makes living exciting, the same way the thought of

the day we'll lose our jobs, should make you spend the time you

currently have wisely!

I have heard of GMs, SMs, Ds who lived in big houses, drove the

flashiest cars end up as high-class beggars and mere social and

political commentators. Why? Because while they were on their jobs, they

thought erroneously that it would last forever. They did not know that

the end was nearer than far. While they carried buckets, they considered

the act of stooping to build pipes too low for them. Some of them left

their jobs with huge bank balances, but the entrepreneurial way, which

has no respect,for years of experience dealt them a knock out in the

early rounds of their ventures. Some of them were thieves, what they got

was stolen and it went the way of stolen funds. The words I write to you

today, will stand firm as judgment for your future, if you ever live

less than what you were created to do! When your life can be summarized

by a routine that does not have a date of escape, you are like the

children of Israel who kept on cycling round a mountain instead of

making progress. Stop hiding incompetence or inability to add value

behind a company logo. Start exposing yourself and getting yourself set

for when you will lose your job. Mark my words, the first showers of the

great storms is all that we have seen, many who are comfortable today

will beg tomorrow. Many who are not developing skills today will be

slaves tomorrow, and many who have ill gotten money today will be needy

tomorrow. The storm is coming, let who is wise join the company of Noah

in the Ark of deliverance that is being built and let the fools scorn

and laugh. He who laughs last, laughs best.

A few days ago, I dug into a few past articles I had written on this

blog. The popular ones, and the not so popular ones. God has really been

good to me, and to many who hold my words as more than common words, and

have found the courage to take action. I have said things two years ago,

that took 6 months to manifest, I have made declarations that just a few

weeks ago came to pass. I cannot say for if I am a prophet or not, but I

know one thing for certain, God does reveal secrets to me, and show me

things that are to come! Today, the next level beckons and I must serve

my purpose and lay the words on you.

Before you lose your Job

1. Do not Steal!

Whatever money you make by fraudulence, by taking what does not belong

to you, by playing on your employers intelligence will not last, no

matter what you use it to do. Some people refute this perspective and

say they can use the stolen funds to buy assets, build houses, invest in

shares or other companies, if you care to know the truth, every activity

you participate in is seed for your tomorrow and a harvest of your past.

Ill gotten wealth is like a caterpillar, it looks like all it can do is

crawl until it develops into a butterfly and flies. Be honorable, better

a broke employee living within his/her means than a successful, wealthy

employee with questionable resources. Life has it's way of bringing the

harvest - with loss, death, calamities etc If you have stolen before or

are currently stealing, don't just repent, go and make it right.

2. Get a life!

If most of your friends are in your office, you are being sucked into

the maze. Don't get yourself stuck with the same people you work with

for the best hours of your life. Go prospecting for friends that are

different from you, go for some clearly better than you, don't have

friends by accident, don't be chosen, choose. Experts say you should

watch the people you hang out with most, your life will end plus or

minus 10% of their life! Financially and otherwise, your life gravitates

to a region slightly below or above the life's of your friends. It's not

how much you have in your account that always counts, it's who you have

access to that matters more.

3. Have Options!

Many people are slaves to their employment and their bosses, not because

it's so enjoyable but because they do not have options. They have a few

other things they are doing but they are not sure of any of them. Their

existence as corporate biggies makes majority only look for deals that

are already big. Unknown to many, if you start big, when the storms of

life hit you hard and take you down, you will need to beg to start big,

but if you start small, you can always start all over again! Get

options, be willing to start with nothing, be willing to start small.

Don't disqualify anything as below you, you earn 7 digits(NGN) per month

today true, but if it all will stop when you lose your job, you are

gambling with your future. Stop, think, ask questions. Venture, dare,

take risks. You will lose some and you will win some. If you are willing

to lose long enough, you will win long enough. There are people not as

bright as you, not as opportune as you doing more with their lives, look

outside the window of your office, once in a while.

4. Learn!

Invest in knowledge. Empty your pocket to fill your head, and your head

will fill your pocket. Learn like knowledge is running out of fashion.

Read books, watch interesting history, attend seminars organized by

people who have seen things different from you, learn from experience,

others and yours, get a mentor. Do whatever you need to do within

ethical boundaries, but by all means learn! Empty bags can't stand tall,

empty heads can't be confident. Wisdom, which is the application of

accumulated knowledge, makes a man's face to shine. Your confidence

level is an indication of the stuff that you have. If whatever you are

doing doesn't give you an opportunity to learn, run! Take your life off

the flames!

5. Give Exceptionally.

I have found out in life, that those who have the propensity to give the

most, get wealth the most. The universe is set up by God based on

principles, and the principles cannot be broken. If you give, you will

reap it somewhere in your future. If you don't faint in doing good, you

will be rewarded! Don't wait until you are stinking rich before you

begin to give scholarships, sponsor students, take care of orphans or

contribute to worthy courses. Start now, before you lose your job! What

you will regret in this life is not how much you should have gotten, but

how much value you could have added, how much a difference you could

have made, and what else you could have done! Don't work like a moron -

going and coming and going and coming without leaving a lasting impact

on your world. Give yourself and give of yourself.

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Re: You will lose your Job one day!
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2009, 10:18:05 PM »
i wish this could be published in all the dailies for people to see!
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Re: You will lose your Job one day!
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2010, 09:23:42 AM »
This is much needed for the year 2010 thank you
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