Author Topic: Breaking News: Togo National Team Bus ambushed & shot at in Angola 1 player dead  (Read 1436 times)

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BREAKING NEWS: Togo Team Bus Ambushed At Cup of Nations
Several members of the Togo national team are reported injured after their team bus was ambushed and shot at on it's way to the team base in Cabinda.

According to, the bus carrying the Togolese national team was attacked by a rebel group as it was crossing the Congolese-Angolan border. A number of players were hurt, some seriously injured. The bus has been escorted by a military convoy to a nearby hospital.

"I'm okay but several players are in a bad state," Togo and Nantes striker Thomas Dossevi told French radio station RMC.
"We are still at hospital. We were machine-gunned like dogs and had to remain hidden under our seats for around 20 minutes to avoid the bullets."
The extent of the injuries and the players injured are not yet known, but what is clear is that this attack raises serious questions about security in Angola ahead of the African Cup of Nations which begins on Sunday. Unconfirmed reports indicate there are serious injuries, which we pray isn't true.

More to follow.

UPDATES - 18.19 GMT:
The Togo team bus driver is reported dead. Manchester City's Emmanuel Adebayor supposedly unhurt, but a number of team doctors plus players Serge Gakpe, Serge Akakpo and Kodjovi Obilale were apparently all shot. The latter pair are in critical condition.
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