Author Topic: Funny FIFA world cup South Africa 2010 quotes - Nigeria Super Eagles  (Read 1942 times)

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Omo, forget Durex, use Enyeama for Protection.

A new word has been added to the Dictionary."KAITA" A man who single handedly hinder the hope of his country for reason best known to him. "Kaita" can be use in place of words like Jeopardy, Hinder, Sabotage, Disrupt, Antagonist, fool etc. Examples are Don't kaita what we have been building for 11 yrs in one day. Don't be a Kaita e.t.c.

I will never Ogbuke my chance for success in life, nor Taiwo my friends. I'll always Enyeama my promises and never taste LagerBeer!

Never Give up ---> Never Yobo!

He Yoboed too easily. Okay I surrender, I Yobo!

I think kaita is just a cattle man,its quota system that earned him the jersey.
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