Author Topic: Don't be discouraged.  (Read 1037 times)

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Don't be discouraged.
« on: April 11, 2011, 03:03:55 PM »
Here comes the real test time for Nigeria.Election times is test of every nations development process and time for every eligible electorate to exercise their right as a citizen of their root.We have no other NIGERIA,so let's exercise this noble right.
Were you disenfranchised at the first one held two days ago?Don't loose hope since you know why you were disenfranchised,only you can put a frantic effort correcting this error with a vital effort to prevent a reoccurrence of such as "only you can make things happen,if you don't act things will remain the same.
The presidential and governorship elections is still on the way,let us all come out en masse to vote the right candidates to power that is the only sure way to speak against unemployment,infrastructural decay,corruption etc .
So help us God.Amem