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Viable quotes
« on: April 16, 2011, 01:17:53 AM »
Moderation:If one would make the most of life,he must be modera te in the use of all  things.
Truth is the foundation of all knowledge and the cement of the society.There is no virtue which does not originate from truth.Likewise is there no vice which does not have at its begining a lie.
Treasure:In my opinion,I think treasure is called treasure because it is always in a conspicous point so close to you.It takes a resilience approach to frantically search it out as it is the only gift if found.-OMS
Dignity is the outward expression of inherent worth of character-Anonymous.
A happy,contended,successful career must flow from a well-balanced,symmetrical mind,which has a sence of absolute security and unquesthoned faith in the Great Creator,the providing and sustaining power.-James Allen.
Doing the right thing isn't always easy,but it is always necessary if we want to have integrity and be effective.-John Maxwell.