Author Topic: How I Use WoW To Pick Up Chicks  (Read 1291 times)

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How I Use WoW To Pick Up Chicks
« on: April 20, 2012, 09:25:50 AM »
If you have never used the Wow gaming platform to pick up girls or guys for that matter, you are really missing out! So many players get so caught up in leveling up and making gold, they forget that Wow at its heart is a social networking site. Think about the millions of players devoted to Wow around the world all connected to one another. In truth Wow is a great place to meet eligible singles, so forget about joining any online dating site and keep on gaming.

We all crave and want human interaction, but the truth is not all of us are as capable as others in social situations. If you cringe at the thought of going out to meet new people or are just clueless where to even begin to meet someone new, Wow is a great place to start. So go ahead and login and let's look at some ways you can meet someone using Wow as the go between guy.

The easiest way to meet someone is Wow is going to be in trade chat. Now just because someone looks like a girl in the game, may not mean they are a girl in real life. Don't start throwing pick up lines at every sexy Wow girl you see. What I would suggest is to start strike up friendships with characters online, in time they will begin to transfer over to our own realm. Get yourself a lot of friends on Wow and you will be ready to move to the next step.

Well I hope you have found a bunch of friends on the Wow server. However, most people are like me, when they are playing Wow they don't want to mess with the real world. So you are best to just send a quick shout out to them and give them your e-mail or Facebook. This way you can connect in real-time and actually have a real conversation about Wow and other interests.

Another great place to find Wow singles is by joining up with one of the many Wow forums. These are active communities who love Wow and you will find many conversations to join in. Plus you can usually search through the members database and see if you can find any players who are local to you.

Last but not least, head on over to Facebook and just do a search for Wow players in your area. Who knows, you just may be surprised who else is playing Wow. This way you can form a local group and play as a team. Just being able to add a little more human interaction to Wow is going to change the game tenfold.

Now are you going to meet an incredible mind-blowing hottie by doing this. Maybe not, but I guarantee you will make a lot of real good friends who all share a common love. And you just might end up with a date or two out of it. So take a break from farming gold and chat it up some, you never know who you might meet in cd key.