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What is Internet Live Streaming
Creating value for the enterprise.
Streaming Video Benefits


   1. Eliminate costly studios and support staff
   2. Leverage existing technology investment
   3. Improve productivity


   1. Reach more customers
   2. Drive action and achieve results quicker
   3. Reduce your time to market

Cost effective reach for distance learning.


   1.  Reach more students/employees with virtual classes
   2.  Allow instructors to teach from anywhere
   3.  Record great classes for use indefinitely
   4.  Track student participation and performance


   1  Integrates with existing equipment
   2. Automates production and distribution process
   3. Deployable across multiple campuses
   4. Lowest cost per student per class solution

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support streaming solutions projects across the country and around the world. Mobileextreem provides clients with one point of contact for video conferencing sales, installation, service, management and support.

OUR Online Live Streaming Services includes
1. Online Live Streaming for Online Course, Training
2. Online Live Streaming for Meeting / Conference (Multinational Organisation, Companies, NGO, Individuals) etc
3. Online Live Streaming for Streamming for Programme
4. Online Live Streaming for Events (Party, Summit, Conference, Seminar, Concert)etc
5. Online Live Streaming for News Broadcasting, Breaking News, Media & Broadcasting Organisation
6. Online Live Streaming for Multinational Churches, Ministries
7. Online Live Streaming for Live Job Interview
8. Online Live Streaming for Radio Station, TV Station
9. Live Streaming to Promote Business, Products and Services

Note: Our Online Live Streamming solution comes in two and one way streaming system, whereby in a conference, meeting, people can communicate using there mouth pie

This service is can stand alone or can be integrated into an existing website, but if you dont have a website
we can help you develop one for Live straeming

Are you thinking of running a Live TV or Radio Station or just a News Broadcasting Station, we can help you Deploy a world class standard Online Internet Broadcasting Station
that can be viewed worldwide, compared to our Local Starion that is only viewed or Listend to Locally

To Subscribe Contact us: 07062940253, 08085370604
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