Author Topic: How to renew or pay for GoTv or DSTV subscription online in Nigeria  (Read 20250 times)

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You can either use or

Having used both, PAGA is more reliable than Quickteller because mobile cash is more readily accessible to the user than debit card (or ATM card). Moreover, you can pay with PAGA via sms shortcode (to 27242) on some networks and your account is tied to your phone number. A friend tried to renew his Gotv subscription, exhausting all available means including Quickteller for about 2 weeks. He tried to buy recharge card, same problem. He was able to achieve both with within 5 minutes. Also with every referral and cash transfer, you get bonus cash from Paga. Quickteller never gives any bonus. Pocket Moni (eTranzact), Mobile Money (MTN,Stanbic), Easy Money, EasyWallet (Etisalat) etc are other alternative mobile payment solution. I'll try all but for now, paga seems "great"!
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