Author Topic: Create a SHARED SHORTCODE LIKE 33140 FOR SPORT COMPETITION  (Read 1002 times)

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« on: February 09, 2014, 11:31:13 AM »
Do you have an Ideas, Products or Services e.g News, Job Alert, People Looking for Husband / Wife, Competions, Callertunez, Applications, Advice, Tips, Articles and so much more which you

would like to send out to Millions of Nigerians while you charge them Daily or Monthly for instance you can charge people as low as #100, #30 or #50 to recieve your contnets every Month or Daily.

if you imagine sending messages to over 1 Million subscribers and you charge them #100 per month which mean the toatl income will be 100,000,000, Network Providers such as MTN, GLO,

AIRTEL, ETISALAT will take 60%, while You the 3rd Party and Shortcode Provider are left with 40%, Shortcode Provider will them deposit your payout or issue you a cheque based on the Total

Subscribers that request for your service, the more customers that request for your service the more you earn. approximatelly you can earn as much as =N=35,000,000 Monthly.

Requirement to setup Shortcode
1. Keyword you subscribers will Type on there Phone to send to your Shirtcode Platform
2. Amount you want to charge your customer e.g #30, #50, #100
3. Automated message sent to customer once they send there request

SETUP FEE: =N=50,000
Monthly Access Fee: =N=7,000
Setup in 24hrs

Contact GuageConcepts: 07062940253