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Recruitment Service in Abuja, Lagos & PH
« on: February 24, 2015, 05:33:03 PM »
Are you an employee tied of Applying or Looking for Jobs?, Are you currently working with a company and not satisfied with the Job Situation or Monthly Salary? , we at GuageConcepts have looked closely into the current Unemployment situation in the Country and have designed a quick solution to end the rate of unemployment in Nigeria society,

We have database and direct contact of HR Departments and Direct Available vacancies in various business sectors such as Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Maritime Sectors, Financial Sectors, Telecommunication Sectors, Travel and Tourism, Medical and Health Sector, Food and Beverages Sector, Fashion and Style Sector, Educational Sector, Agricultural Sector and Agencies.

We provide a Professional Services to Current Employees and Unemployed Individuals, Graduates, etc, see below our Turnkey Employability Services

Our Recruitment Services consist of Submitting your CV, including Cover Letter to  our Employer Database currently recruiting in various Locations in Nigeria

Our Success Rate

The Success rate of our Recruitment Service from our Previous Applicants as increased from 60% to 80% this year, many candidates are still recieving calls and interview appointments even while currently recruited, we make sure we help you submit your CV to those Companies that urgently need an applicant, we surely guarantee that you will be recruited within 5 - 10 days of CV Submission

For Further Enquiries Visit: and Our Office Location in Abuja, Lagos and PH Visit
Telephone:  07052017052