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Me too in MIT_ANNA
« on: December 17, 2007, 03:51:22 AM »
August 20 2008.... Landed at chenna
Was thinking..wat if they don't come to pick me,where i go go...
Just as i was looking thru d crowds to see sm1,any1..
i just saw d name Elizabeth.. while moving towrds the man hold the paper i saw the last name was odusla or sumtin.. then i thot..oh wrong person... just then two ppl standing beside him asked "ms elizabeth, G.s daughter?" then i thot thank God i'm not stranded...

After taking some rest..decided to go chcek out my coll..twas not many student around.. was to check hostel.. was puttin on a short skirt and then d hostel warden said.. she has to wear chuddidar and not this.. checked out my room and saw so many smilling faces..i just remembered i kept smilling and couldn't stop.. *at least to put them at ease* But then my plans of enjoying for a while was damaged cos i was already a week late..

Went to coll the next day... and every1 just wanted to see the new foreign gal in coll... seniors and juniors *wierd right? thot so too* were not to communicate.. but i cudnt help smiling at any1 that looks at me...mostly female.. dnt tink too much.. ;D.. i talked to any1 i wanted..wasn't scared of any senior.. Sure they gave my set d name *Ruling Rebel* mostly cos of meas practise in my coll each set has a name Before they knew it.. i turned the two words i knew in tamilname of d lang into lots and they keep saying "we don't even speak in tamil any more,only u are speaking"

D funniest part of all is ppl being scared of talking to me cos of my english.. and wen seniors rag me like they do to other juniors which they hardly do for me.... with a very wide smile i say.."u can't rag me".. though i do the one i can for fun... so they don't waste their time cos they know i don't take it serious...

D cool part of it all is that even the cooks knows the type of egg i like.. d food i like and all.. but it's not always that rosy.. school work and everytin..... I have nice lecturers..but most don't like asking me questions cos they don't wanna embarass themselves by asking me to repeat myself....

And most of all... i have the best residential counscellorsna hostel mistress jare who just happens to be my very close friends..even some seniors can't talk with them... aw cool right.. yea thot so too...

Every month we have to write an exam on each subjects..and believe me ur life drpends on it cos it will make up for ur cgpa.. so no month is free maybe just few weeks free...

What i love most about this place is.. they have too many festivals..which means free to time for me cos i dnt worship their numerous gods and d nice thing is during heavy coll, though u may pay for it by having special classes or staurday classes.. but it mostly happens at the right time...

Jolly for me
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Re: Me too in MIT_ANNA
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2009, 11:05:37 PM »
Wow, Im just seeing this, lovely pictures. Some of them are cute, beautiful and others handsome. Yanrinya, chai.
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Re: Me too in MIT_ANNA
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2011, 11:51:14 PM »
The most important concern before any action is taken should be the aftermath of such action.The big question now is that 'how has my action affected the lives of others,positively or negatively?-Oms